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The Core Thesis for rationalist 2D semantics is that for any sentence S, S is apriori iff S has a necessary 1-intension. (That is, there is no possible way the world might be that, if it actually obtained, would make S false).

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A sentence is a priori if no possible way the world might actually be could make it false


David J.Chalmers (Epistemic Two-Dimensional Semantics [2004], p.165), quoted by Laura Schroeter - Two-Dimensional Semantics 2.3.2

Book Reference

'Stanford Online Encyclopaedia of Philosophy', ed/tr. Stanford University [], p.24

A Reaction

[The parenthesis is by Schroeter] A '1-intension' is defined by a diagonal on a 2D semantic matrix. Chalmers defends conceivability as the guide to possibility. This is a very traditional view of the a priori, expressed in modern terms.

Related Ideas

Idea 14710 Necessity is always knowable a priori, and what is known a priori is always necessary [Kant, by Schroeter]

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