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[catalogued under 20. Action / B. Preliminaries of Action / 1. Intention to Act / a. Nature of intentions]

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The causal theory of action asserts that what characterises intentional action is the agent's intentions, or perhaps their beliefs and desires, causing their behaviour in the appropriate way.

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The causal theory says that actions are intentional when intention (or belief-desire) causes the act


Rowland Stout (Action [2005], 1 'Outline')

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Stout,Rowland: 'Action' [Acumen 2005], p.13

A Reaction

The agent's intentions are either sui generis (see Bratman), or reducible to beliefs and desires (as in Hume). The classic problem for the causal theory is said to be 'deviant causal chains'.

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Idea 20062 If a desire leads to a satisfactory result by an odd route, the causal theory looks wrong [Chisholm]