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It is natural to suggest that to be a man is to have certain kind of temporal-modal profile. ...but it seems natural that being a man accounts for the profile, one should not appeal to an object's modal features in stating what the object is.

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Modal features are not part of entities, because they are accounted for by the entity


Kit Fine (Necessity and Non-Existence [2005], 09)

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Fine,Kit: 'Modality and Tense' [OUP 2005], p.348

A Reaction

This strikes me as a correct and very helpful point, as I am tempted to think that the modal dispositions of a thing are intrinsic to its identity. If we accept 'powers', must they be modal in character? Fine backs a sortal approach. That's ideology.

Related Idea

Idea 14481 Wherever an object exists, there are intrinsic properties instantiating every modal profile [Thomasson]