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[catalogued under 25. Social Practice / F. Life Issues / 4. Suicide]

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There are many occasions on which a man should leave life not only bravely but for reasons which are not as pressing as they might be - the reasons which restrain us being not so pressing either.

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Suicide may be appropriate even when it is not urgent, if there are few reasons against it


Seneca the Younger (Letters from a Stoic [c.60], 077)

Book Reference

Seneca: 'Letters from a Stoic (Selections)', ed/tr. Campbell,Robin [Penguin 1969], p.125

A Reaction

This is an interesting and startling claim from the great champion of suicide, who nobly and memorably committed suicide himself. But we all dread a loved one miscalculating Seneca's dialectic, and dying when living would have been better.