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[catalogued under 22. Metaethics / A. Value / 2. Values / d. Death]

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There's nothing so very great about living - all your slaves and all the animals do it. What is, however, a great thing is to die in a manner which is honourable, enlightened and courageous.

Gist of Idea

Living is nothing wonderful; what matters is to die well


Seneca the Younger (Letters from a Stoic [c.60], 077)

Book Reference

Seneca: 'Letters from a Stoic (Selections)', ed/tr. Campbell,Robin [Penguin 1969], p.126

A Reaction

You get the feeling that Seneca actually thought suicide was better than a natural death. Did he actually seek his own death? It is an odd interpretation of his own stoic injunction to 'live according to nature'.