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[catalogued under 24. Political Theory / B. Nature of a State / 2. State Legitimacy / d. General will]

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In the Golden Age, to govern was to serve, not to rule. No one used to try out the extent of his power over those to whom he owed that power in the first place.

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To govern used to mean to serve, not to rule; rulers did not test their powers over those who bestowed it


Seneca the Younger (Letters from a Stoic [c.60], 090)

Book Reference

Seneca: 'Letters from a Stoic (Selections)', ed/tr. Campbell,Robin [Penguin 1969], p.163

A Reaction

I spent my professional career trying to persuade people that management should be a subjection to the managed. Wake up! The second half of this idea is the interesting bit - the temptation to just 'try out' your powers gets to them all.