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[catalogued under 23. Ethics / C. Virtue Theory / 4. External Goods / c. Wealth]

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Wealth is not a good; for it it was, it would make men good.

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If wealth was a good, it would make men good


Seneca the Younger (On the Happy Life [c.60], 24)

Book Reference

Seneca: 'Dialogues and Essays', ed/tr. Davie,John [Penguin 2007], p.106

A Reaction

An immediately attractive argument, but should we assume that anything which is good will enhance our personal goodness? If goodness is a habit, then continual pursuit of wealth is the test case to examine. Seneca is right!

Related Idea

Idea 13564 There is far more scope for virtue if you are wealthy; poverty only allows endurance [Seneca]