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Mistranslation of 'image' has been the cause of a crass anthropomorphism because of the verse 'Let us make man in Our image after Our likeness' (Gen.1:26). They think God has the shape and outline of man, ..with face and hands like themselves.

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Thinking of God as resembling humans results from a bad translation of Genesis 1:26


Moses Maimonides (The Guide of the Perplexed [1190], I.1)

Book Reference

Maimonides,Moses: 'The Guide of the Perplexed (abridged)', ed/tr. Guttman,J /Rabin,C [Hackett 1995], p.51

A Reaction

It's interesting that Michelangelo still visualises God as an old man. The idea won't go away, presumably because God is understood as a 'person', in Locke's sense, though of a very special kind.