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A being concerned only with preservation would be very timid. In such a state every man would feel himself an inferior; he could scarcely imagine himself an equal. No one would seek to attack anyone else; peace would be the first law of nature.

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Primitive people would be too vulnerable and timid to attack anyone, so peace would reign


Baron de Montesquieu (The Spirit of the Laws (rev. 1757) [1748], 01.02)

Book Reference

Montesquieu,Baron de: 'Selected Political Writings', ed/tr. Richter,Melvin [Hackett 1990], p.112

A Reaction

Exactly the idea that Rousseau took up, and they both attack Hobbes for describing a more advanced stage of society, instead of focusing on the original state. A solitary individual would be crazy to launch attacks on other individuals.

Related Idea

Idea 19962 Men do not desire to subjugate one another; domination is a complex and advanced idea [Montesquieu]