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[catalogued under 5. Theory of Logic / I. Semantics of Logic / 2. Formal Truth]

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Concerning the mere form of cognition (setting aside all content), it is equally clear that a logic, so far as it expounds the general and necessary rules of understanding, must present criteria of truth in these very rules.

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There must be a general content-free account of truth in the rules of logic


Immanuel Kant (Critique of Pure Reason [1781], B084/A59)

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Kant,Immanuel: 'Critique of Pure Reason', ed/tr. Guyer,P /Wood,A W [CUO 1998], p.197

A Reaction

A vital point, used by Putnam (Idea 2332) in his critique of machine functionalism. It is hard to see how we can think of logic as pure syntax if the concept of truth is needed. We may observe one Venn circle inside another, but interpretaton is required.

Related Idea

Idea 2332 Functionalism can't explain reference and truth, which are needed for logic [Putnam]