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For Kant, generosity is a vice, because it is a form of condescension and patronage, and pity is detestable, because it entails a superiority on the part of the pitier, which Kant stoutly denied.

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Generosity and pity are vices, because they falsely imply one person's superiority to another


report of Immanuel Kant (Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals [1785]) by Isaiah Berlin - The Roots of Romanticism

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Berlin,Isaiah: 'The Roots of Romanticism' [Pimlico 2000], p.75

A Reaction

An interesting view, but being too proud to receive help from friends strikes me as a greater vice. How can friendship and community be built, if we do not rush to help one another when needed? The virtue is generosity without condescension.