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Kant's shift in his understanding of apriority from the content of truth and of proof-sequences of propositions to the character of cognitive procedures opens more possibilities for understanding the sources of apriority, in capacities and mental acts.

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Kant's shift of view enables us to see a priority in terms of mental capacity, not truth and propositions


comment on Immanuel Kant (Critique of Pure Reason [1781]) by Tyler Burge - Frege on Apriority I

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'New Essays on the A Priori', ed/tr. Boghossian,P /Peacocke,C [OUP 2000], p.19

A Reaction

[Burge attributes the alternative view to Leibniz and Frege] This harmless-looking thought seems to me right at the heart of what I take to be a discrete cold war going on between logicians and philosophers. Logic is in retreat!