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[catalogued under 25. Society / D. Political Doctrines / 2. Social Utilitarianism]

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Sidgwick's complex version of utilitarianism urges that institutions should be set in place to maximise utility, but that individual actions people undertake might not appear to be justifiable on utilitarian terms.

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Sidwick argues for utilitarian institutions, rather than actions


report of Henry Sidgwick (The Methods of Ethics (7th edn) [1874]) by Tuckness,A/Wolf,C - This is Political Philosophy 1 Refs

Book Reference

Tuckness,A / Wolf,C: 'This is Political Philosophy' [Wiley Blackwell 2017], p.29

A Reaction

This seems to be a specifically political version of utilitarianism, but isn't cited much by political philosophers who discuss utilitarianism.