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We can think of the absolute idea roughly as the entire infinite system of interrelated concepts, in their indissoluble unity, as exercised in the self-consciousness towards which the process [of thought] leads. It is the 'telos' of the process.


'Telos' is purpose

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The absolute idea is the great unity of the infinite system of concepts


report of Georg W.F.Hegel (Science of Logic [1816], II.iii.3 p.825) by A.W. Moore - The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics 07.4

Book Reference

Moore,A.W.: 'The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics' [CUP 2013], p.170

A Reaction

This expounds the quotation in Idea 21975. Moore emphasises concepts, where Hegel emphasises the truth. The connection is in Idea 5644.

Related Ideas

Idea 21975 The absolute idea is being, imperishable life, self-knowing truth, and all truth [Hegel]

Idea 5644 In Hegel's logic it is concepts (rather than judgements or propositions) which are true or false [Hegel, by Scruton]