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For Bradley, the happiness of the individual is not to be understood in terms of his desires and needs, but rather in terms of his values - which is to say, in terms of those of his desires which he incorporates into his self.

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Happiness is not satisfaction of desires, but fulfilment of values


report of F.H. Bradley (Ethical Studies [1876]) by Roger Scruton - Short History of Modern Philosophy Ch.16

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Scruton,Roger: 'A Short History of Modern Philosophy' [ARK 1985], p.235

A Reaction

Good. Bentham will reduce the values to a further set of desires, so that a value is a complex (second-level?) desire. I prefer to think of values as judgements, but I like Scruton's phrase of 'incorporating into his self'. Kant take note (Idea 1452).

Related Idea

Idea 1452 Happiness is the condition of a rational being for whom everything goes as they wish [Kant]