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Group A consists of contradictions which would occur in a logical or mathematical system, involving terms such as class or number. Group B contradictions are not purely logical, and contain some reference to thought, language or symbolism.

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Contradictions are either purely logical or mathematical, or they involved thought and language


Frank P. Ramsey (The Foundations of Mathematics [1925], p.171), quoted by Graham Priest - The Structure of Paradoxes of Self-Reference 1

Book Reference

-: 'Mind' [-], p.26

A Reaction

This has become the orthodox division of all paradoxes, but the division is challenged by Priest (Idea 13373). He suggests that we now realise (post-Tarski?) that language is more involved in logic and mathematics than we thought.

Related Idea

Idea 13373 Typically, paradoxes are dealt with by dividing them into two groups, but the division is wrong [Priest,G]