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Heidegger says you must choose your hero; either you choose 'das Man', the inauthentic life, or you choose yourself - the point being that you have to choose yourself as your hero in order to be authentic.

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Heidegger says we must either choose an inauthentic hero, or choose yourself as hero


report of Martin Heidegger (Being and Time [1927]) by Simon Critchley - Impossible Objects: interviews 5

Book Reference

Critchley,Simon: 'Impossible Objects: interviews' [Politty 2012], p.88

A Reaction

If Nietzsche's 'Ecce Homo' is the model for choosing yourself as hero, I am not too sure about this idea. Needing a hero seems awfully German and romantic. Ein Heldenleben. Be your own anit-hero (like a standup comedian)?