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We say things like 'he is a true friend'. Heidegger calls this kind of truth 'ontic truth' or the 'uncoveredness' of entities.

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For Heidegger there is 'ontic' truth or 'uncoveredness', as in "he is a true friend"


report of Martin Heidegger (On the Essence of Truth [1935]) by Mark Wrathall - Heidegger: how to read 7

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Wrathall,Mark: 'Heidegger: how to read' [Granta 2005], p.73

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[In his later essays] The example is very bad for showing a clear alternative meaning of 'true'. I presume it can only be explained in essentialist terms - an entity is 'true' is its appearance and behaviour conforms to its essence.

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