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I have always said that a belief was knowledge if it was 1) true, ii) certain, iii) obtained by a reliable process.

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A belief is knowledge if it is true, certain and obtained by a reliable process


Frank P. Ramsey (The Foundations of Mathematics [1925], p.258), quoted by Michael Potter - The Rise of Analytic Philosophy 1879-1930 66 'Rel'

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Potter,Michael: 'The Rise of Anaytic Philosophy 1879-1930' [Routledge 2020], p.431

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Not sure why it has to be 'certain' as well as 'true'. It seems that 'true' is objective, and 'certain' subjective. I think I know lots of things of which I am not fully certain. Reliabilism long preceded Alvin Goldman.

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Idea 22326 Knowledge needs more than a sensitive response; the response must also be appropriate [Russell]