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'It's true that Fido is a dog' gives rise to a contrastive focus on 'true', with the contrast class probably depending on members like 'it's false that...' or 'it's unlikely that...'.

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'It's true that Fido is a dog' conjures up a contrast class, of 'it's false' or 'it's unlikely'


Thomas Hofweber (Ontology and the Ambitions of Metaphysics [2016], 02.6.3)

Book Reference

Hofweber,Thomas: 'Ontology and the Ambitions of Metaphysics' [OUP 2018], p.47

A Reaction

If we introduce (from linguistics) the idea of a 'contrast class', then Ramsey's famous example begins to sound meaningful. It might occur in a discussion of 'did Antony actually say 'Friends, Romans. countrymen'?'

Related Idea

Idea 3750 "It is true that x" means no more than x [Ramsey]