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[catalogued under 9. Objects / C. Structure of Objects / 6. Constitution of an Object]

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Could the artificer not, when he made the table, have taken other pieces? Surely he could. [n37: I venture to think that Kripke's argument in note 56 for the necessity of constitution depends on treating constitution as if it were identity].

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A different piece of wood could have been used for that table; constitution isn't identity


comment on Saul A. Kripke (Naming and Necessity notes and addenda [1972], note 56) by David Wiggins - Sameness and Substance Renewed 4.11

Book Reference

Wiggins,David: 'Sameness and Substance Renewed' [CUP 2001], p.134

A Reaction

Suppose the craftsman completed the table, then changed a piece of wood in it for some reason. Has he now made a second table and destroyed the first one? Wiggins seems to be right.