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[catalogued under 4. Formal Logic / B. Propositional Logic PL / 2. Tools of Propositional Logic / d. Basic theorems of PL]

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The Principle of Thinning says that if a set of premisses entails a conclusion, then adding further premisses will still entail the conclusion. It is 'thinning' because it makes a weaker claim. If γ|=φ then γ,ψ|= φ.

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'Thinning' allows that if premisses entail a conclusion, then adding further premisses makes no difference


David Bostock (Intermediate Logic [1997], 2.5.B)

Book Reference

Bostock,David: 'Intermediate Logic' [OUP 1997], p.30

A Reaction

It is also called 'premise-packing'. It is the characteristic of a 'monotonic' logic - where once something is proved, it stays proved, whatever else is introduced.