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Kripke's contribution was not to connect metaphysical and semantic issues, but to separate them: to provide a context in which questions about essences of things could be posed independently of assumptions about semantic rules of reference.

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Kripke separated semantics from metaphysics, rather than linking them, making the latter independent


report of Saul A. Kripke (Naming and Necessity lectures [1970]) by Robert C. Stalnaker - Reference and Necessity Intro

Book Reference

Stalnaker,Robert C.: 'Ways a World Might Be' [OUP 2003], p.167

A Reaction

In other words, Kripke set metaphysics free from the tyranny of Quine, and facilitated its modern rebirth. Bravo.

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Idea 16394 Kripke derives accounts of reference and proper names from assumptions about worlds and essences [Stalnaker on Kripke]