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[catalogued under 19. Language / B. Reference / 3. Direct Reference / a. Direct reference]

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The paradigm of a nondescriptional, directly referential, singular term is an individual variable. …The denotation of a variable… is semantically determined directly by the assignment of values.

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The perfect case of direct reference is a variable which has been assigned a value


Nathan Salmon (Reference and Essence (1st edn) [1981], 1.1.2)

Book Reference

Salmon,Nathan: 'Reference and Essence (2nd ed)' [Prometheus 2005], p.16

A Reaction

This cuts both ways. Maybe we are muddling ordinary reference with the simplicities of logical assignments, or maybe we make logical assignments because that is the natural way our linguistic thinking works.

Related Idea

Idea 15593 Variables can be viewed as special terms - functions taking assignments into individuals [Fine,K]