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For persons who understand themselves as defined by the ethnic or religious group to which they belong, an insult to the group can inflict a harm as real and as damaging as some physical harms.

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If persons define themselves by a group membership, insults to that group are a real harm


Michael J. Sandel (The Limits of Communitarianism [1998], 'Free speech')

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Sandel,Michael J.: 'Public Philosophy: Essays' [Harvard 2005], p.258

A Reaction

In Britain many people fully define themselves by their allegiance to a football club. Really! They usually learn to laugh off an insult to their club, but it hurts. Laughing off an insult is an essential modern skill - up to a point.

Related Idea

Idea 22267 In the liberal view an insult to my group doesn't hurt me, since I'm defined by choices not groups [Sandel]