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For the A-theorists called 'presentists' the past is as unreal as the future, and reality leaves us behind once we die, which is disturbing; but B-theorists, who see time as unreal, say we are just as real after our deaths as we were beforehand.

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It is disturbing if we become unreal when we die, but if time is unreal, then we remain real after death


Robin Le Poidevin (Interview with Baggini and Stangroom [2001], p.174)

Book Reference

Baggini,J/Stangroom,J: 'New British Philosophy' [Routledge 2002], p.174

A Reaction

See Idea 6865 for A and B theories. I wonder if this problem is only superficially 'disturbing'. Becoming unreal may sound more drastic than becoming dead, but they both sound pretty terminal to me.

Related Idea

Idea 6865 A-theory says past, present, future and flow exist; B-theory says this just reports our perspective [Le Poidevin]