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[catalogued under 7. Existence / B. Change in Existence / 4. Events / c. Reduction of events]

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Events are not basic items in the universe; they should not be included in any fundamental ontology...all the truths about them are entailed by and explained and made true by truths that do not involve the event concept.

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Events are made of other things, and are not fundamental to ontology


Jonathan Bennett (Events and Their Names [1988], p.12), quoted by Peter Simons - Events 3.1

Book Reference

'The Oxford Handbook of Metaphysics', ed/tr. Loux,M /Zimmerman,D [OUP 2005], p.369

A Reaction

Given the variable time spans of events, their ability to coincide, their ability to contain no motion, their blatantly conventional component, and their recalcitrance to individuation, I say Bennett is right.