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[catalogued under 17. Mind and Body / E. Mind as Physical / 7. Anti-Physicalism / e. Modal argument]

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'Heat' is a rigid designator, which is picked out by the contingent property of being felt in a certain way; pain, on the other hand, is picked out by an essential (indeed necessary and sufficient) property.

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Pain, unlike heat, is picked out by an essential property


Saul A. Kripke (Identity and Necessity [1971], p.190 n19)

Book Reference

'Meaning and Reference', ed/tr. Moore,A.W. [OUP 1993], p.190

A Reaction

Hm. I could pick out your pain by your contingent whimpering behaviour. I can spot my own potential pain by a combination of bodily damage and pain killing tablets. I suspect him of the same blunder as Descartes on this one.