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A concept is 'sortal' if it exemplifies a kind of object. ..In English predication of a sortal concept needs an indefinite article ('an' elm). ..What really constitutes the distinction is that it involves grasping identity for things which fall under it.

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'Sortal' concepts show kinds, use indefinite articles, and require grasping identities


Crispin Wright (Frege's Concept of Numbers as Objects [1983], 1.i)

Book Reference

Wright,Crispin: 'Frege's Conception of Numbers' [Scots Philosophical Monographs 1983], p.2

A Reaction

This is a key notion, which underlies the claims of 'sortal essentialism' (see David Wiggins).

Related Ideas

Idea 11896 A sortal essence is a thing's principle of individuation [Wiggins, by Mackie,P]

Idea 13866 A concept is only a sortal if it gives genuine identity [Wright,C]