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[catalogued under 9. Objects / D. Essence of Objects / 7. Essence and Necessity / b. Essence not necessities]

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We must distinguish the 'must' of necessity as applied to a proposition or state of affairs (de dicto) from the 'must' of essence, concerning the way in which an object has an attribute (de re).

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We must distinguish the de dicto 'must' of propositions from the de re 'must' of essence


Peter Simons (Parts [1987], 7.1)

Book Reference

Simons,Peter: 'Parts: a Study in Ontology' [OUP 1987], p.257

A Reaction

A helfpful distinction, but a possible confusion of necessity and essentiality (Simons knows this). Modern logicians seem to run them together, because they only care about identity. I don't, because I care about explanations.