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[catalogued under 4. Formal Logic / A. Syllogistic Logic / 3. Term Logic]

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Term logic begins with expressions and two 'term functors'. Any simple letter is a 'term', any term prefixed by a minus ('-') is a 'negative term', and any pair of terms flanking a plus ('+') is a 'compound term'. Parenthese are used for grouping.

Gist of Idea

Term logic uses expression letters and brackets, and '-' for negative terms, and '+' for compound terms


Engelbretsen,G/Sayward,C (Philosophical Logic: Intro to Advanced Topics [2011], 8)

Book Reference

Engelbretsen,G/Sayward,C: 'Philosophical Logic: Intro to Advanced Topics' [Continuum 2011], p.146

A Reaction

[see Engelbretsen and Sayward for the full formal system]