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A common complaint against traditional definitional theories of truth is that it is far from clear that the definiens is not more in need of clarification than the definiendum (that is, the notion of truth).


The 'definiendum' is what is to be defined

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Traditional definitions of truth often make it more obscure, rather than less


Volker Halbach (Axiomatic Theories of Truth [2011], 1)

Book Reference

Halbach,Volker: 'Axiomatic Theories of Truth' [CUP 2011], p.3

A Reaction

He refers to concepts like 'correspondence', 'facts', 'coherence' or 'utility', which are said to be trickier to understand than 'true'. I suspect that philosophers like Halbach confuse 'clear' with 'precise'. Coherence is quite clear, but imprecise.