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[catalogued under 3. Truth / A. Truth Problems / 2. Defining Truth]

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If one were wondering whether truth should be considered a legitimate notion at all, a definition might be useful in dispersing doubts about its legitimacy.

Gist of Idea

If people have big doubts about truth, a definition might give it more credibility


Volker Halbach (Axiomatic Theories of Truth [2011], 3)

Book Reference

Halbach,Volker: 'Axiomatic Theories of Truth' [CUP 2011], p.15

A Reaction

Halbach is proposing to skip definitions, and try to give rules for using 'true' instead, but he doesn't rule out definitions. A definition of 'knowledge' or 'virtue' or 'democracy' might equally give those credibility.

Related Idea

Idea 16303 Tarski made truth respectable, by proving that it could be defined [Tarski, by Halbach]