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[catalogued under 18. Thought / B. Mechanics of Thought / 5. Mental Files]

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A 'demonstrative' file only exists during the demonstrative relation to something; …a 'recognitional' file is based on 'familiarity' (a disposition to recognise); …an 'encylopedic' file contains all the information on something, however it is gained.

Gist of Idea

There are transient 'demonstrative' files, habitual 'recognitional' files, cumulative 'encyclopedic' files


François Recanati (Mental Files [2012], 6.1-3)

Book Reference

Recanati,François: 'Mental Files' [OUP 2012], p.68

A Reaction

[picked as samples of his taxonomy, pp.70-73] I'm OK with this as long as he doesn't think the categories are sharply separated. I'm inclined to think of files as a single type, drifting in and out of different of modes.