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[catalogued under 18. Thought / B. Mechanics of Thought / 5. Mental Files]

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The mental file account preserves the original, Millian inspiration of direct reference theories in giving pride of place to acquaintance relations and downplaying satisfaction factors.

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Reference by mental files is Millian, in emphasising acquaintance, rather than satisfaction


François Recanati (Mental Files [2012], 17.3)

Book Reference

Recanati,François: 'Mental Files' [OUP 2012], p.233

A Reaction

I find this a very satisfying picture, in which reference links to the simple label of a file (which could be a number), and not to its contents. There are tricky cases of non-existents, fictional entities and purely possible entities to consider.

Related Idea

Idea 16386 Direct reference is strong Millian (just a tag) or weak Kaplanian (allowing descriptions as well) [Recanati]