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When we speak of possibility, we speak of potentiality in abstraction from its possessor; a possibility is a potentiality somewhere or other in the world, no matter where.

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Possibilities are potentialities of actual things, but abstracted from their location


Barbara Vetter (Potentiality [2015], 6.1)

Book Reference

Vetter,Barbara: 'Potentiality: from Dispositions to Modality' [OUP 2015], p.197

A Reaction

I note that, as so often, this is psychological abstraction, which is usually sneered at by modern philosophers (e.g. Geach), and yet is employed all the time. This is Vetter's key thesis, which I like.

Related Idea

Idea 19010 All possibility is anchored in the potentiality of individual objects [Vetter]