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[catalogued under 2. Reason / A. Nature of Reason / 5. Objectivity]

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Hermeneutic thinkers insist that we need to redefine objective truth as something we take part in rather than something we merely observe from a distance.

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We take part in objective truth, rather than observe it from a distance


Jens Zimmermann (Hermeneutics: a very short introduction [2015], 1 'Truth')

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Zimmerman,Jens: 'Hermeneutics: very short introduction' [OUP 2015], p.13

A Reaction

Don't get it. If I objectively judge that there are some cows in a field, I judge that they will probably still be there if I turn away and forget them, so any passionate involvement I have with cows is irrelevant to the objective facts. Am I wrong?