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The proper conclusion to draw from the fact that we explain 'game' in a variety of different ways is that it is not a univocal term, but has different, albeit related, meanings.


'Univocal' means having a single meaning

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The variety of uses of 'game' may be that it has several meanings, and isn't a single concept


Hans-Johann Glock (What is Analytic Philosophy? [2008], 8.2)

Book Reference

Glock,Han-Johann: 'What is Analytic Philosophy?' [CUP 2008], p.215

A Reaction

[He cites Rundle 1990] Potter says Wittgenstein insisted that 'game' is a single concept. 'Game' certainly slides off into metaphor, as in 'are you playing games with me?'. The multivocal view would still meet family resemblance on a narrower range.