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The ontology of events rose in philosophy with the rise of relativity theory in physics. Einstein postulated the relativity of simultaneity to an observer's state of motion. The terms of the relation of simultaneity must be events or their parts.

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Einstein's relativity brought events into ontology, as the terms of a simultaneity relationships


Peter Simons (Events [2003], 1.1.2)

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'The Oxford Handbook of Metaphysics', ed/tr. Loux,M /Zimmerman,D [OUP 2005], p.359

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Intriguing. Philosophers no doubt think they are way ahead of physicists in such a metaphysical area. Personally I regard the parentage of the concept as good grounds for scepticism about it. See Idea 7621 for my reason.

Related Idea

Idea 7621 Special relativity, unlike general relativity, was operationalist in spirit [Putnam on Einstein]