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It is far from clear that a definition of truth can lead to a philosophically satisfactory theory of truth. Tarski's theorem on the undefinability of the truth predicate needs resources beyond those of the language for which it is being defined.

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Truth definitions don't produce a good theory, because they go beyond your current language


Volker Halbach (Axiomatic Theories of Truth (2005 ver) [2005], 1)

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'Stanford Online Encyclopaedia of Philosophy', ed/tr. Stanford University [], p.2

A Reaction

The idea is that you need a 'metalanguage' for the definition. If I say 'p' is a true sentence in language 'L', I am not making that observation from within language L. The dream is a theory confined to the object language.

Related Idea

Idea 15648 Instead of a truth definition, add a primitive truth predicate, and axioms for how it works [Halbach]