Ideas from 'The Epistemology of Essentialist Claims' by Alan McMichael [1986], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Midwest Studs XI:Essentialism' (ed/tr French,Uehling,Wettstein) [Minnesota 1986,0-8166-1552-7]].

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9. Objects / D. Essence of Objects / 3. Individual Essences
Only individuals have essences, so numbers (as a higher type based on classes) lack them
9. Objects / D. Essence of Objects / 9. Essence and Properties
Essences are the interesting necessary properties resulting from a thing's own peculiar nature
Maybe essential properties have to be intrinsic, as well as necessary?
9. Objects / D. Essence of Objects / 15. Against Essentialism
Essentialism is false, because it implies the existence of necessary singular propositions
26. Natural Theory / D. Laws of Nature / 5. Laws from Universals
Individuals enter into laws only through their general qualities and relations