Ideas from 'Proslogion' by Anselm [1090], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Classics of Western Philosophy (3rd Edn)' (ed/tr Cahn,Steven M.) [Hackett 1990,0-87220-105-8]].

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28. God / C. Proofs of Reason / 1. Ontological Proof
A perfection must be independent and unlimited, and the necessary existence of Anselm's second proof gives this
The fool in Psalm 52 can only deny God's existence because he hasn't grasped the idea's full meaning
Even a fool understands the concept of God, but he must accept that the concept needs real existence
To qualify as the correct concept, God cannot even be thought of as non-existent, and so God is necessary
28. God / C. Proofs of Reason / 2. Ontological Proof critique
Anselm's first proof fails because existence isn't a real predicate, so it can't be a perfection