Ideas from 'Proslogion' by Anselm [1090], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Classics of Western Philosophy (3rd Edn)' (ed/tr Cahn,Steven M.) [Hackett 1990,0-87220-105-8]].

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28. God / C. Proofs of Reason / 1. Ontological Proof
The fool in Psalm 52 can only deny God's existence because he hasn't grasped the idea's full meaning
Even a fool understands the concept of God, but he must accept that the concept needs real existence
To qualify as the correct concept, God cannot even be thought of as non-existent, and so God is necessary
A perfection must be independent and unlimited, and the necessary existence of Anselm's second proof gives this
28. God / C. Proofs of Reason / 2. Ontological Proof critique
Anselm's first proof fails because existence isn't a real predicate, so it can't be a perfection