Ideas from 'Perception' by Barry Maund [2003], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Perception' by Maund,Barry [Acumen 2003,1-902683-60-0]].

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11. Knowledge Aims / A. Knowledge / 6. Knowing How
Ryle's dichotomy between knowing how and knowing that is too simplistic
12. Knowledge Sources / B. Perception / 1. Perception
Perception is sensation-then-concept, or direct-concepts, or sensation-saturated-in-concepts
12. Knowledge Sources / B. Perception / 4. Sense Data / a. Sense-data theory
Sense-data have an epistemological purpose (foundations) and a metaphysical purpose (explanation)
12. Knowledge Sources / B. Perception / 6. Inference in Perception
One thesis says we are not aware of qualia, but only of objects and their qualities
The Myth of the Given claims that thought is rationally supported by non-conceptual experiences
12. Knowledge Sources / B. Perception / 8. Adverbial Theory
Mountains are adverbial modifications of the earth, but still have object-characteristics
Adverbialism tries to avoid sense-data and preserve direct realism
18. Thought / C. Content / 1. Content
Thought content is either satisfaction conditions, or exercise of concepts [PG]