Ideas from 'Letters to Frege' by Bertrand Russell [1902], by Theme Structure

[found in 'From Frege to Gödel 1879-1931' (ed/tr Heijenoort,Jean van) [Harvard 1967,0-674-32449-8]].

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5. Theory of Logic / L. Paradox / 5. Paradoxes in Set Theory / d. Russell's paradox
Russell's Paradox is a stripped-down version of Cantor's Paradox [Priest,G]
Russell's paradox means we cannot assume that every property is collectivizing [Potter]
8. Modes of Existence / B. Properties / 11. Properties as Sets
Russell refuted Frege's principle that there is a set for each property [Sorensen]
18. Thought / C. Content / 6. Broad Content
We don't assert private thoughts; the objects are part of what we assert