Ideas from 'Intro to 'Creating the Kingdom of Ends'' by Christine M. Korsgaard [1996], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Creating the Kingdom of Ends' by Korsgaard,Christine M. [CUP 1996,0-521-49962-3]].

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16. Persons / A. Concept of a Person / 1. Existence of Persons
To make sense of personal identity, focus on agency rather than experience
16. Persons / B. Concept of the Self / 5. Persistence of Self
A person viewed as an agent makes no sense without its own future
20. Action / A. Definition of Action / 1. Action Theory
Theory of action focuses on explanation and prediction; practical action on justification and choice
22. Metaethics / A. Value / 2. Values / e. Self interest
Self-concern may be a source of pain, or a lack of self-respect, or a failure of responsibility
23. Ethics / A. Egoism / 1. Ethical Egoism
Personal concern for one's own self widens out into concern for the impersonal