Ideas from 'The Sayings of Confucius' by Confucius [470 BCE], by Theme Structure

[found in 'The Sayings of Confucius' by Confucius (ed/tr Ware,James R.) [Mentor 1955,55-11642 (Cong)]].

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19. Language / A. Language / 3. Rhetoric
People who control others with fluent language often end up being hated
22. Metaethics / B. Basis of Ethics / 9. Morality critique
All men prefer outward appearance to true excellence
22. Metaethics / C. Sources of Ethics / 2. Human Nature
Humans are similar, but social conventions drive us apart (sages and idiots being the exceptions)
23. Ethics / B. Contract Ethics / 2. Golden Rule
Do not do to others what you would not desire yourself
23. Ethics / C. Virtue Theory / 2. Elements of Virtue Theory / f. The Mean
Excess and deficiency are equally at fault
23. Ethics / C. Virtue Theory / 3. Virtues / a. Virtues
The virtues of the best people are humility, maganimity, sincerity, diligence, and graciousness
25. Society / B. The State / 5. Leaders / d. Elites
Men of the highest calibre avoid political life completely