Ideas from 'Of the original contract' by David Hume [1741], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Hume's Essays' by Hume,David [Edinburgh Press 1900,-]].

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20. Action / C. Motives for Action / 5. Action Dilemmas / a. Dilemmas
Moral questions can only be decided by common opinion
24. Political Theory / A. Basis of a State / 3. Natural Values / b. Natural equality
People must have agreed to authority, because they are naturally equal, prior to education
24. Political Theory / B. Nature of a State / 2. State Legitimacy / c. Social contract
The idea that society rests on consent or promises undermines obedience
We no more give 'tacit assent' to the state than a passenger carried on board a ship while asleep
The people would be amazed to learn that government arises from their consent
25. Social Practice / A. Freedoms / 7. Freedom to leave
Poor people lack the knowledge or wealth to move to a different state
25. Social Practice / C. Rights / 4. Property rights
We all know that the history of property is founded on injustices