Ideas from 'Models' by Demetris Portides [2008], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Science' (ed/tr Psillos,S/Curd,M) [Routledge 2010,978-0-415-54613-3]].

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14. Science / B. Scientific Theories / 7. Scientific Models
In the 'received view' models are formal; the 'semantic view' emphasises representation
Theoretical models can represent, by mapping onto the data-models
Representational success in models depends on success of their explanations
'Model' belongs in a family of concepts, with representation, idealisation and abstraction
The best model of the atomic nucleus is the one which explains the most results
Models are theory-driven, or phenomenological (more empirical and specific)
14. Science / D. Explanation / 2. Types of Explanation / i. Explanations by mechanism
General theories may be too abstract to actually explain the mechanisms