Ideas from 'On Freedom' by Gottfried Leibniz [1689], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Philosophical Writings' by Leibniz,Gottfried (ed/tr Parkinson,G.H.R.) [Dent 1973,0-460-11905-2]].

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10. Modality / B. Possibility / 5. Contingency
Necessary truths can be analysed into original truths; contingent truths are infinitely analysable
10. Modality / D. Knowledge of Modality / 2. A Priori Contingent
Only God sees contingent truths a priori
10. Modality / E. Possible worlds / 3. Transworld Objects / e. Possible Objects
If non-existents are possible, their existence would replace what now exists, which cannot therefore be necessary
28. God / A. Divine Nature / 3. Divine Perfections
God does everything in a perfect way, and never acts contrary to reason