Ideas from 'On Body and Force, Against the Cartesians' by Gottfried Leibniz [1702], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Philosophical Essays' by Leibniz,Gottfried (ed/tr Arlew,R /Garber,D) [Hackett 1989,0-87220-062-0]].

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8. Modes of Existence / C. Powers and Dispositions / 1. Powers
Active force is not just potential for action, since it involves a real effort or striving
14. Science / D. Explanation / 2. Types of Explanation / g. Explanations by function
To explain a house we must describe its use, as well as its parts
26. Natural Theory / D. Laws of Nature / 1. Laws of Nature
God's laws would be meaningless without internal powers for following them
27. Natural Reality / A. Physics / 3. Force
All qualities of bodies reduce to forces
Power is passive force, which is mass, and active force, which is entelechy or form